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Why Graphic Recording has the power to shape, reinforce and change perception

A little tour of changing Britain and a digital exodus?

Q: What do the geographically and culturally diverse locations of Ormskirk, London, Aberystwyth, Folkestone, and Cambridge have in common?

A: they are all locations where Ralph provided

Graphic Recording, on Paper, with Pens this summer!

Why the change in style? Well, actually I haven’t changed tack!

Indeed, I’m as busy as ever producing Live illustration on iPad and Visual Story Telling and Information Graphics digitally.

Rather, drawing on my graphic wall (display boards) with pens and paper is a development of my services to meet the demand for visual sense-making and engagement, in person.

Through creating large-scale visual records in real-time

(my boards can take up half a room!) I have become the catalyst for bringing back that dynamic element of brand theatre and human touch to your events, conferences, and meetings that got so lost in virtual and hybrid delivery modes.

How have your organisation’s outcomes, goals, priorities, and vision changed in a world defined by greater volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity?

Whether through pens or stylus, as collective reflection, sense-making, and summary, Graphic Recording is at its core a deep listening service.

Its power is that it allows for both different voices and the whole to emerge, with the ability to shape how the conversation changes and unfolds.

As an enquiry tool it both documents and harvests this exploration, providing a visual roadmap of the way forwards.

My Graphic Recording reignites creativity at events, supercharging the moment with that spark of curiosity that creates surprise, builds expectation, and brings engagement.

And, judging by the number of photos that people take on their phones of my work to share online, they also continue to value how it provides impact for remembering key moments and reflecting on what has taken place. Indeed, clients takeaway my paper artwork roll as both an in-house reference tool to drive change and as an office wall display product.

This demand for analogue Graphic Recording further proves how deeper-level thinking can be activated through my injection of big, bold, and colourful artwork in the room. By visually grabbing people’s attention it enables creative thinking and change to flourish.

As we look ahead to the next business quarter of the year

how will you make visual communication

an integral part of your event to open hearts and move minds to bring the transformation you need in your workplace

Ralph Mann

Purple Heron Communications

August 2023

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