• Ralph Mann

How are you going to articulate your organisation’s vision & strategy in the new normal?

The world cannot and will not ever be the same again. As the ‘new normal’ dawns for us professionally and personally we are faced with some profound challenges and opportunities to create our new future.

As a nation we have proved both resilient and adaptive, so we can be intentional about the ‘new normal’ we want to create. It is therefore up to us to be strategic and proactive in terms of managing the change before us and questioning our corporate purpose and ultimately global benefit.

As a professional graphic recorder and illustrator, I am being briefed and sitting in on many meetings where people are debating and preparing for change. People are talking about organisational agility, practicalities, engagement, wider issues and the need for new and expanding markets and market approaches.

Clear and purposeful corporate strategy and strategic visioning in my opinion will be critical for navigating and succeeding in these new times.

It has been great over the last six weeks to receive such a warm and positive response for my turning words into pictures. People are finding that my visuals help them remember content, and they can provide insight and clarity into complex issues: the old adage ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ still rings true! They literally bring colour to these disruptive and different times.

The power of visuals is not new. As an art historian as well as an artist I know how pictures have been of great value socially, economically and politically to people and cultures down the centuries. Visual situation summaries often called ‘rich pictures’ can exceed the limitations of text to identify, interpret and portray solutions for change.

So how can I help you? Through articulating your strategy and vision in picture format through one-page illustrations I can help you simultaneously detail opportunities, connections and ideas whilst keeping your audience aware of the bigger picture.

In accordance with your brief and dialogue I can provide you with an image which has the benefits of being digital yet which is hand drawn and thereby both personal and unique. This can be rapidly communicated, processed and transmitted across your organisation bringing shared understanding, generating discussion and helping your people to think and act positively about change.


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