• Ralph Mann

That was the year that was!

Who saw Covid-19 coming? And alas, not enough may have seen it gone yet either!

Was 2020 a remarkable year for you? The one you could have done without? That shocked you to your core? Did you find a "new normal? or a "new different" in your working life?

Reinvention and resilience were the core of Purple Heron's (PH) visual ways of working in 2020. Transitioning from physical graphic recording in the room to remote Zoom calls/webinars. This year has been defined by developing PH's live! graphic capture and visual scribing service: bringing remote meetings to life, making them stand out with dynamic follow up material.

Virtual marketing and comms has been key to surviving infection and being infectious.

PH's rapid learning curve was noticeably eased by joining virtual agency Pimento

This opened up a new tier of connections and opportunities for collaboration and creation.

A highlight was weekly support of their Covid-19 Webinars which, whilst digital, has been immortalised in the illustrative content of their physical year book, 'A Colourful Take' sent to their member marketing and comms agencies at Christmas.

Agility seems to have been a key requirement of 2020. PH has adapted with a new content visualisation focus on bringing written content to life to get it read on social media. It has been great to work on bespoke graphics for several social media campaigns and visual identities and to conclude the year with a graphic for the Alliance of Independent Agencies.

Collaboration has been an equally important quality of 2020 and it has been super to have continued providing live graphic recording support with headline title drawings/one-pagers

for the new webinar series of Transpire's building boards for 2020 vision series and also Tricordant's organisational resilience in a pandemic series.

Gratitude for the vaccine is the best note for concluding 2020. In a similar vein PH has been very grateful for all our clients this year, you know who you are! And also the international colleagueship and insights of the European and International forums of Visual Practitioners.

Hope is the theme for 2021. Let's celebrate the vaccine and also the continued evolution of new and exciting ways of visual working -there is light at the end of the tunnel!

If PH can bring your world to life through dynamic illustrations, live or remote get in touch.

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