• Ralph Mann

Make a big splash with images!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Here in Bristol the tearing down and throwing into the harbour of the bronze statue of slave trader Edward Colston in the Black Lives Matter protest powerfully highlights the power of a visual image to unite sentiment, question values and communicate change.

It is remarkable testament to the power of images that 3,922 miles away from the tragic death of George Floyd, a statue became the focus for the expression of offence at racial injustice and oppression here in the UK.

The subsequent wave of pressure for authorities across the UK to now remove contentious statues and images could be compared to the movement of iconoclasm that accompanied the Protestant Reformation in the 1500s. Again images which have reflected established ideologies and sentiments are being challenged and removed.

So what can we learn from this in these “new different” times? How do you think people are visualising your organisation? Will it stay the same?

Or like the statue of Colston that has now been recovered from Bristol’s harbour, does it need re-interpreting for a new context?

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