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How many online calls do you join a day? I wonder how you and your business are coping? As we become used to video conferencing the format is becoming suspiciously normative.

So, it’s time for probing questions; How well do virtual meetings work? How effective are they? 

A recent client of mine reflected that many of their conversations are becoming less ‘sticky’ as they all too constantly log out of one virtual meeting room and move straight into the next- unconsciously overlaying what they have just heard.  Perhaps the phrase ‘death by Zoom’ can now take the place of ‘death by PowerPoint’ ?  

How do you make your calls stand out, be different and memorable?

How do you successfully bring your key content and information to life in remote calls?

How do you keep your audience engaged and contributing in this new online environment?

And once you have that nailed, how will those who were on your call remember and apply their learning?

How can you make your content live on after your call and be accessible to those who couldn’t attend?  and how can you make it shareable to a wider audience? 

Digital Graphic Recording as the client appreciated brings instant engagement and is a powerful antidote to forgetting content.  

Created live-in-the-moment in your video call it provides a dynamic format for capturing the key points of your session.  Colourful icon graphics and text scribed through the profile window are instantly accessible, providing a real-time event summary.  These images engage your audience, giving them something to watch beyond the sea of faces, backgrounds and often text-heavy slide decks.  The event summary is also available the same day in digital format for ongoing discussion on social media and in-house (or home) circulation, print and dissemination.  This format also works well for pitching calls and tailored graphics can be commissioned to support keynote presentations and blog articles.

Could your business benefit from this support?

If you’d like to find out more how Digital Graphic Recording

can form part of your next remote (or physical) meeting please contact me


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