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This is more than drawing


Growing up surrounded by paintings created by family members from the last four generations Ralph knew that art was in his blood! Indeed he would rarely be seen without a pencil in his hand and found creativity to be the way he could express himself freely and easily. 

Art prizes, an art scholarship and art degrees followed. Not only art but its meaning and use in learning fascinated him, and these tenets have been a theme throughout his career.

As a trained artist, art historian and art teacher he founded Purple Heron Communications over ten years ago, specialising in content visualisation.

Purple Heron weaves together creativity, learning styles and meaning. Through drawing and emotional intelligence Ralph helps businesses and organisations enhance the way in which they communicate. 

Through using his iPad words are turned into pictures in a way which can be used and replicated effectively and efficiently both live in the moment through virtual or live digital graphic recording.

He also produces more complex digitally drawn images in response to specific briefs.

A rare breed, poised to help you catch the big fish


The purple heron is a rare breed of heron noted for its colourful plumage:

Ralph's skills-set is a rare combination and his work is characterised by its application of colour.

The purple heron waits, poised and motionless for just the right big juicy fish to spear:

Ralph is present inconspicuously in your meeting, watching and listening for your key points and quickly capturing them.

Since Roman times the colour purple has been synonymous with great value, importance and exclusivity. It also attracts attention:

Ralph brings this set of qualities to his work, bringing added value, and attention to the communication of your message.

The purple heron in flight is immediately distinguishable for flying relatively low and noticeably slowly over the landscape:

Ralph brings a similar approach, seeing the big picture in your organisation and carefully representing the different aspects. 


Purple Heron Communications is based in Bristol, UK,  

within easy reach of London, train lines, motorways and airports.


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